Earlier concerts and tours

Earlier concerts and tours


28th January 2016 St. Michael's Church, Helsinki
Triptyykki - first performance of Olli Mustonen's commissioned work

16th March 2016 Temppeliaukio Church, Helsinki
Jugend Musiziert jubilee concert, in co-operation Deutsche Schule

2nd April 2016 Promenade Hall, Pori, Finland

9th May.2016 St. Michael's Church, Helsinki
Concert of the string orchestras in honour of the 50th anniversary of the East Helsinki Music Institute

26th May 2016 Temppeliaukio Church, Helsinki
50th anniversary jubilee concert of the East Helsinki Music Institute

8th August 2016, 7:30 pm. Laajasalo Church, Helsinki
Farewell concert for the concert tour of the Faroe Islands

10th to 15th August 2016
Concert tour of the Faroe Islands

19th August, 6:00 pm. Roihuvuori Church
Return concert of the tour of the Faroes

12th December 2016, 6:30 pm. Laajasalo Church, Helsinki
Christmas Concert


28th April 2015 Music Centre, Helsinki
50th Aniiversary Concert of the East Helsinki Music Institute in cooperation with the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra

16th May 2015 Vuosaari Church, Helsinki
Spring Concert

8th August 2015 Rauma Hall
Concert at the Rauma Festivo festival

16th October 2015 Finlandia Hall
Concert of Romance Music


24.4.2014 Laajasalo Church, Helsinki, Spring Concert

29.5.2014 Vuosaari Church, Helsinki, Performance of an Ahti Sonninen Cantata

12.6.2014 Finlandia Hall, 6th IWG Conference on Women and Sport

24.7.2014 Roihuvuori Church, Helsinki

TOUR OF HUNGARY 26.7.-3.8.2014
27.7. Kecskemét, 25th International Colourstrings Symposium
29.7. Balatonfüred, Calvinist Church
30.7. Veszprém, Cultural Centre Hangvilla
2.8. Budapest Music Centre

29.9.2014 Temppeliaukio Church, Helsinki
Concert with the Ahrensburg Youth Symphony Orchestra, Germany

2.10.2014 St. Michael Church, Helsinki
Concert with the Ahrensburg Youth Symphony Orchestra, Germany

12.10.2014 Cultural Centre Stoa
East Helsinki Cultural Weeks 25th Anniversary

18.12.2014 Roihuvuori Church, Christmas Concert


- 11th December, 6.30 pm, Helsinki Laajasalo church
Christmas Concert I - Helsinki Strings, Helsinki Children's Strings, Rascals
- 12th December, 6.30 pm, Helsinki Myllypuro church
Christmas Concert II - Helsinki Strings   3rd March 2013, 5.00 pm, Sibelius Academy  Music magazine Rondo, 50th Anniversary
HELSINKI STRINGS, cond. Jukka Rantamäki

- 12th March 2013, Espoo Cultural Centre
International Kodály Week , HELSINKI CHILDREN'S STRINGS, cond. Pirkko Simojoki

- 11th April 2013, St. Michael's Church, Kontula, Helsinki
Concert with the visiting orchestra from Hong Kong
- 16th May 2013, 6.00 pm, Porvoo Cathedral
HELSINGIN CHILDREN'S STRINGS, cond. Pirkko Simojoki 4th July 2013, 7.30 pm, Sipoo Church (Kuninkaantie 19)
HELSINKI STRINGS, cond. Jukka Rantamäki

- 6th - 12th July 2013 Tour of Austria and Tschech Republic,
HELSINKI STRINGS, cond. Jukka Rantamäki
Summa Cum Laude Festival in Vienna and Prague


- 17 th March 2012, Helsinki, Finlandia Hall, The Helsinki Strings 40 Years
- 23 rd – 26 th March, Germany,
Ahrensburg International Chamber Orchestra Festival
- 17 th – 20 th May, Italy, Allegromosso Festival, Children's Strings, cond. Pirkko Simojoki
- 23rd October, Helsinki, Concert of the Hungarian Embassy
- 2nd-3rd November, Kuopio, ”Nuori soittaa” Festival
- 25th November, Helsinki, Music Centre, Concerto Grosso Baroque Event www.fibo.fi/suuri-soitto
- 27th November, Helsinki, Music Centre, Concert by the Music Classes
- 4th December, Helsinki, Rastis, Concert of the Rotary Club
- 6th December. Helsinki, Temppeliaukio Church, Concert of the Independence Day
- 20th December, Helsinki, Church of the East Centre, Christmas Concert


- 16th March, Helsinki, Sibelius Academy,
Closing concert of the Kodály Week and the “Music belongs to everyone” Festival
- 9th April Sweden, Stockholm,
Finnish School and Finnish Institute (Helsinki Children’s Strings)
- 28th April, Helsinki,
Closing concert of the EU project with the Latvian State Choir “Latvija”
- 14th May, Helsinki, Music House,
Charity concert of the Music House Foundation
- 13th June, Carelia Hall, Imatra, Finland
6th December, Temppeliaukio Church, Helsinki
- 16th December, Helsinki, Laajasalo church,
Christmas concert 1. (Children's Strings and Rascals)
- 17th December, Helsinki, Myllypuro church,
Christmas concert 2. (Helsinki Strings)


- 23rd November, Helsinki, Temppeliaukio Church,
30th Anniversary Concert of the Hungarian Cultural Centre
- 26th – 28th November, Estonia, Rakvere,
Festival of Young Musicians
- 28th November, The East Helsinki Music Institute,
Opening ceremony of the international Colourstrings course
- 7th December, The East Helsinki Music Institute,
Christmas concert of the Herttoniemi Rotary Club
- 17th December, Helsinki, Roihuvuori Church,
Christmas Concert No. 1
- 18th December, Helsinki, Viikki Church,
Christmas Concert No. 2